Putting your logo on workwear or corporate clothing is a great way to promote your business and give employees a sense of belonging.

TWW Brookvale offers in-house embroidery and vinyl printing services, ensuring good quality control and short turnaround times. And we do the lot, including singlets, caps, jackets and promotional items such as backpacks and wine coolers. We can also organise screen printing.

Have a look at some of the many different logos we've done in the gallery below.

The following tables show current costs for embroidery and vinyl printing. Both have setup fees. When TWW Brookvale has your logo on our database, the setup costs go down. 

Embroidery Vinyl printing (3 colours maximum)
Text setup (from our database) $22.00 Text setup (from our database) $22.00
Logo setup (from your jpeg or PDF) $77.00 Logo setup (from your EPS file) $77.00
Maximum 8000 stitches, small $7.70 1 colour, small $6.00
Maximum 8000 stitches, large $9.90 1 colour, large $8.00
Adding a name $5.50 2 colours, small $9.00
Over 8000 stitches — to be quoted 2 colours, large $13.00
Minimum cost $22.00 3 colours, small $12.00
Blazers 3 colours, large $16.00
Up to 4 lines $16.50 Minimum cost $22.00
           5 lines $21.45    
           6 lines $26.40    
           7 lines $31.35

Customer logo gallery